Facebook Will Use Facebook Data to Sell Ads on Sites That Aren’t Facebook

via Re/code:

Facebook makes a point of saying these ads aren’t “Facebook ads.” But it is also playing up the notion that the ads marketers buy via Atlas will be more effective than other big ad platforms, because they use Facebook’s data.

… And no one is suprised.

Larry Ellison Will Step Down as CEO of Oracle

Oracle as a company is doing great and I don’t blame Larry for wanting to step down as CEO in this position. If anyone would want to go out at the high-point at the company, it would be him.

But his decision to stay on as CTO is one that itrigues me and also says that he thinks the company still has a strong future. It is also interesting that he left 2 people in charge of the company.

I love Larry. It’s almost like he’s saying: “I don’t want to lead the company anymore, but you guys aren’t smart enough to do the technical stuff. Oh and you know that job I did while living part time on my Yacht, earning my 4th degree Black Belt*, and also doing the technical stuff? It’s going to take 2 of you.”

*disclosure: I don’t really know if Larry Ellison has a Black Belt. It just seems like something he would do.

iPhone 6/6 Plus Review From Daring Fireball

The best comparision of the two new iPhone sizes I’ve heard thus far:

  • If you simply want a bigger iPhone, get the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. That’s what it feels like: a bigger iPhone.
  • If you want something bigger than an iPhone, get the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. It feels more like a new device – a hybrid device class that is bigger than an iPhone but smaller than an iPad Mini – than it feels like a bigger iPhone.
  • If you don’t want a bigger iPhone – and in recent weeks I’ve heard from numerous readers who still pine for the 3.5-inch display iPhones – you might be disappointed by this year’s iPhone lineup, and should consider sticking with the iPhone 5-class models. (Note that Apple is continuing to sell two models of the iPhone 5S: 16 GB for $99, and 32 GB for $149. That 32 GB model to me looks like a hedge on Apple’s part.)

Twitpic Is Shutting Down

I haven’t used this service in a long time. But I hate to see it shutdown for this reason.

A few weeks ago Twitter contacted our legal demanding that we abandon our trademark application or risk losing access to their API. This came as a shock to us since Twitpic has been around since early 2008, and our trademark application has been in the USPTO since 2009.

This is scummy behavior on Twitters part I feel. They’re user base was in part built up by 3rd party services using their API.

Facebook-style filturing coming to Twitter

I am not trying to post a bunch of Twitter news today, but I found this very interesting as well. For me, this might just ruin Twitter completely.

I’ve heard Marco Arment state on ATP before that Twitter doesn’t seem to understand what is good about their service. It is moves like this that make that assertion even more clear. But this again brings into question: if Twitter is not “twitter” anymore, where would we all go? No other service seems to have gained critical mass.