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I write about the web and related technology.

Why I Use Open-Source

13 Feb 2014

Open-source long ago proved its ability to produce quality software. From Linux having a huge market share for servers, to many of the most popular technologies like Mac OS X, Chrome, and countless others being based on Open-source libraries.

In many ways I have based my career Open-source being a continued success. I made the choice years ago that I was going to pursue Drupal has my platform of choice for web development. This decision has turned out to be one that payed off well. But my decision to go with Drupal was not merely a Philosophical... Read more

Sublime Text As A Writers Tool

12 Feb 2014

I have mentioned in a number of previous posts the duration I have been using Sublime Text and my fondness for it. Even after seriously evaluating other text editors in the last year I still come back to Sublime for largely two reasons:

  1. It is extremely flexible. From the key bindings, to the extensions, and the interface. You truly can customize it.
  2. There is a great community. Not only is it possible to do really unique things with the editor, but people are doing them with it.
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Agony Free Front-End Development

27 Jan 2014

If you are a Front-End developer the number of technologies and workflows you are required to know has become much larger in the last few years. These skills include CSS Preprocessors like Sass, templating systems, image optimization tools, tons of JavaScript frameworks, and a number of other technologies. I have found as this complexity grows the frustrating grows with it. The days of a flat .html file with a single style.css and jQuery loaded are long over.
Much of this frustration I have determined stems from two main areas:

  1. Dependency management - making sure all the developers that are working on a project have the correct version of the software along with it's dependencies. The Gem system isn't fun to deal with.
  2. Automation - performing the all the miscellaneous tasks including Sass compilation, image optimization, and JS lint checking in a uniformed way.
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